“Our transformational capacity is miraculous and our beliefs drive the miracle.”

Quantum science confirms what the East has always known: We are Quantum Beings; pure potential energy. We are a forever malleable and energetic species and we can powerfully influence the outcomes of our lives.

Transformation is always possible and it is never too late.

My name’s Seamus and this page describes what you ought to know about me as a Guide/healer/teacher along the journey of human life, plus a bit of my personal journey getting to where I am today.

The first thing you should know (if you didn’t already gather from the above) is that I believe we humans are very powerful beings. Beings only beginning to tap into and remember their hidden potential. Not our technological potential, but the potential naturally built into our genes. Through years of getting to know, first-hand, the energetic nature of our bodies and world, coupled with the power of properly training our minds, I have come to know we are all capable of far more than some would like us to know.

The only thing standing in our way…. is trauma

Through the most holistic approaches possible, we can all heal our trauma and begin to thrive to the levels we merely fantasize about. And although the health of our bodies, relationships, minds, etc. are indeed important (and will indeed be addressed if we work together), it is what we subconsciously believe about ourselves and reality that ultimately dictates the outcomes of our lives.

Our mind has the most impact on how our lives turn out. Learn to wield the mind and so much more becomes possible. However, our physical health, our relationships, our physical circumstances (career, home, etc.) all significantly influence the mind and the outcomes it generates as well. And this is why I’ve trained in all that I have. To be a sort of all encompassing padawan “medicine man” of the modern age, that can address the many facets of the human experience. In this way, my work is as a catalyst for powerful, life-changing experiences.

Below are my credentials, but more importantly my story. Our story. A shared ongoing journey we all must take. The hero’s journey to self-love and acceptance (aka. “self mastery”), total empowerment, and ultimate freedom.


For those who truly learn the art of transforming themselves anew, the journey there is nothing short of heroic.

To WAKE UP, heal, and live powerfully is to courageously face our fears… again and again.

To get there is to become irrevocably aware of the deep unconsciousness of our species and the disturbing corruption present at every level of society. In so doing we also become humbly aware of our personal inadequacies and need for outside help. For me this definitely was the case… until I put the last pieces together of what it truly takes to transform.

Like you perhaps, life was fucking rough behind the scenes sometimes for me… for a lot of years.

The things I’ve dealt with seem endless and all my accomplishments did little to change my consistent suffering.

If you’ve gone through anything like I have, then you might relate to experiencing the following:

  being sore or in pain in some way… every. Single. Day

  consistently dealing with anxiety and/or depression

  being stuck in unhealthy eating patterns, lifestyle patterns, and thinking patterns

  being addicted… to your phone, social media, carbs, coffee, alcohol (or harder things) and addicted to personal stories of pain… of feeling sorry for yourself, judging yourself (and others), and regretting the past

  having mental and emotional problems that persist no matter what you do.

  being the master of avoidance and distraction and despite what that inner guiding voice keeps whispering

  not just being hard on yourself… but self-abusive with your self-talk (ie. you would never dream of treating others the way you treat yourself sometimes)

  knowing you need to change, but you just can’t. Personal accountability seems impossible

  feeling like a prisoner of your own mind and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get out

  disbelief in miraculous transformations


Similar to you, the above is… what you could say what Life and I co-created (as all life experiences go)… until I learned that going PHOENIX is a slow burn for most of us. Allow to me explain further…

What I mean is I learned how to consistently make it out of my own labyrinths of suffering… how to “rebirth” myself again and again, all thanks to a willingness to act on the profound Truths I discovered during my many years of spiritual, business, and health professional pursuits.

These Truths of human life that I learned – these universal Laws of the Universe – were and are the secret to my ongoing personal transformations.

Putting the knowledge into action is the hard part. The action piece doesn’t always come easy, but that’s where our interdependent nature comes in. To take the action that transforms me, I needed others on my side. Same goes for every “success” case when you look into them. We all need others that have been there done that, know what it takes, know what you need, and are happy to help. Learning to let others in to help… others truly qualified to do so (through their life experience and/or education) was, in the end, what made (and continues to make) the difference for me.

To implement anything worth doing, I had to learn to trust the small steps and let others help me take them.

Trusting that small consistent actions taken over time will bring transformation was not (and sometimes still isn’t) easy and receiving support was (and sometimes still is) even harder. Nonetheless, I eventually learned that once we humans truly commit to changing, the slow burn of the coals of self-love eventually transmute the old. And they burn much hotter when we lean on those that are truly committed to our success.

When you breach THE walls of resistance and TRULY commit YOURSELF TO HEALING, YOUR evolution TAKES OFF. When you make the CONCRETE decision to believe in yourself, love yourself, and take a stand for your life… YOU GO PHOENIX… you burn up the old and rise from the ashes.


I thought self-commitment equated to constant accomplishment. How original. Youthful drive had me convinced that just DOING was the way to awakening. And clever me, I was convinced the best way to do it was on my own.

I spent 20+ years studying eastern and western sciences. I trained in the Taoist martial and energy arts, I ran a healing practice, and dove into the world of business (both brick-and-mortar and online). In my 20’s I lived in cabins in the woods reading books, wild-crafting, and sitting in meditation.. in isolation.. for hours. I went to private colleges studying medicine, apprenticed under various esoteric masters & teachers, and honed my skills in holistic clinics. I attended men’s retreats and circles, first nation’s ceremonies, and self-development events. I knew that knowledge was key and one modality kept leading to the next so I ran with it. I made myself into a well educated lone-wolf. No pack, no Guide or posse, just me and my DOING mentality. Unbeknownst to me, this was the long and hard road to freedom. The road I aim to prevent you from going down.

Most people are running the same ignorance I was. We all know that knowledge and diligent work are vital in life. We’re well acquainted with the Yang aspects of living. True transformation requires a balance with Yin however. If Yang = Knowledge and Doing, then Yin = Connection and Being. To open my eyes completely I first had to BE more and DO less. I’ve had to truly embrace teamwork through my connections with others. Teamwork that holds me accountable to my mission, lifts me when I feel stuck, and stands by me through my healing. With these pieces in place, things really move forward finally.

In summary, my lessons were this:

#1:  be. Yes the Eckart Tolle cliche… Be. not just being present to your environment, body and feelings. I’m talking about being in A WAY THAT REVEALS AND HEALS EVERY BELIEF AND BEHAVIOUR SABOTAGING YOUR LIFE. KNOW deep healing through THE POWER OF BEING

#2:  CONNECT. I’m going to guess if you’re connecting with these words then you may need more connection going forward. We all need support to truly change. Embrace TEAMWORK AND know THE transformative POWER OF human CONNECTION; of letting people in and letting yourself receive help.


If you want the full story, click this drop down bar for a more detailed account of how I became who i am today

I woke up early in life. What I mean by that is I remembered I was a soul in a human body when I was a child. This was a start, but my real re-education in the mystery school of Life started as a teenager. I wanted to know more about the intuition, abilities, and senses I was born with. I needed clarity on why I was so different. So, to start off my journey, I sought out my celtic roots. I learned everything I could about Europe’s ancient mystical arts including the power of mind, belief, and ritual. Soon my life-long interest in herbal medicine began and so did my journey as an apprentice.

My first Guides arrived when I was 18. One, a First Nation’s elder. The other, a Japanese Master. From these two mysterious individuals I learned macrobiotics, aikido, herbology, qi manipulation, and biofeedback. My Japanese master at the time encouraged me to embrace Western standards – to get a formal education. I was very reluctant about this, but it proved important. I went to the city to learn Japanese medicine, Shiatsu therapy, Tai Chi, business, and business management.

The city was an intense place of learning. The lessons of school, relationships, and synchronicity were endless. The absence of nature proved challenging for me though. I felt the call to know the land, how to grow food, and what it’s like to live simply while serving a community. A small island off the coast of Canada is where the next chapter began. There I apprenticed under more esoteric healers and recluse masters. I learned about energy-psychology, energy healing, subconscious reprogramming, hypnosis, and several forms of bodywork. I received attunement as a Reiki Master, graduated as a Hakomi practitioner, received certification in Psych-K, attended regular non-violent communication practice groups, and began coaching and mentoring students. Relationships came and went and the wheels of Life’s lessons turned.

Drunk with ambition I went on to become founder of the Salt Spring Healing Art’s Circle, the Salt Spring Men’s Circle, and co-founder of SSEEDS (the Salt Spring Eco-Village Education and Development Society). The island life was both awe-inspiring and heart-breaking. My brother’s death hit me hard and catalyzed many changes. It was time for a new beginning. Time to live outwards rather than inwards. Time to have more fun and spread my wings wider. So I left the bubble of that little island for a bigger one: Vancouver Island, BC.

The lessons of the 3d, tangible, and practical came with this move. I dove into business and financial education, as well as that of traveling, dating, and love. School wasn’t quite over and after a trip to Bali, the call to learn returned. I came back with a men’s clothing company ready to go. I thought I could leave the path of the “healer” behind. Tragedy had me jaded and I was feeling done. The gravity of that path is a powerful seductress however. I had always dreamt of being a Chinese medicine doctor, and as much fun as running a clothing company sounded, I couldn’t do it. To me, the world needed more healers and Guides, not more clothes. So, off to Chinese Medicine school I went. I’m almost embarrassed to write that not even that filled my appetite however. Unbeknownst to me, Victoria had its own college-level Hypnotherapy school (a rare thing in this world) and I couldn’t resist. Shortly after my graduation from TCM, I went on to formally learn hypnotherapy which remains one of the most powerful tools I use. More mentorship also called. As a natural development of working in the healing arts, I had been coaching, counselling, and guiding my clients all those years, but I sought to grok it better through others. So, as I learned to master my own mind hypnotically, I simultaneously apprenticed under two successful life coaches.

Eventually… finally… prioritizing education came to an end. I left the obsession of accomplishment behind. I had my fill of an outward life. That place between the inner and outer worlds was calling. BEING was where it was at for me now. The power of well utilized stillness, of Being, was to become one of my greatest teachers, second only to connection. And so began the next chapter. The chapter I live today.


Below is a list of the subjects and skills I draw upon when working with you. Though some examples may not seem relevant to the service or content you’re interested in, you would be surprised. Some took years of formal education, others multiple weekend intensives over months or years, and most through traditional apprenticeships. I extracted the best that each modality had to offer and brought them together to create my own style of integrated services and educational content for the three realms of human life:

 Physical-practical   Mental-emotional   Consciousness-spritual.

The table I’ve provided below helps illustrate the arenas of life each modality best aligns with. The schools and educators are placed beside their most applicable examples. Some teacher’s names (many of whom I apprenticed under) have been given obscure titles or just their first name to preserve the anonymity these masters prefer in this world.

The following table is best viewed on a desktop computer for congruency’s sake




Coaching, mentorship, counseling, consulting, psychotherapy, communication, accountability, and conflict resolution


Subconscious reprogramming

Energy healing, energy medicine, energy generation & manipulation


Martial arts



Chinese & Japanese medicine & western diagnostics




Online business

Getting your ducks in order and shit together




Life, Health Coaching & Business Coaching, Hakomi, Counseling, Consulting, NVC, Forum Process Work, MKP Process Work, Men's Work, Breathwork, etc.


Hypnotherapy, BodyTalk, Tapping, Psych-K, Ceremonial Healing, Trance Work, Astral Projection, Silva Method, etc.

Qi Gong, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Yoga, Shiatsu, Channeling

Various forms of basic and advanced meditation (contemplative, chakra and meridian, transcendental, Zen, Taoist, Buddhist, etc.)

Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Karate, Ninjitsu, Kung Fu



Acupuncture, Tui Na, Chinese Cupping & Herbology, BioFeedback

Western Massage, Tui Na, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Thai Massage

Cleansing, Fasting, Heavy Metal Detox, Food-as-medicine Cooking, Nutrition

Business Management, Commmunications, Marketing, Accounting

Web Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, Videography, Photography, PodCasting, Online Course Production & Platforming, CRM and systems setup, Research and Development, Marketing (various), Communications, etc.

Health, relationships, finance




Hakomi Education Network, Bob & Marcia Malone, Ron Kurtz, Lynn VA, Linda Campbell, Ingrid Bauer, Al Smith, Ernest Morrow, Yasmeen Kaur, "The Guide", Mankind Project, Samurai Brotherhood, etc.


Horizon School of Hypnotherapy, Christine Barrie, Rob Williams, Linda Campbell, Bob Malone, "The Guide", Mindvalley, First Nation's & Plant Medicine Communities

Master Prema, Master Karin, Master Kiyoshi, Master Chin, Master Stattin, Alex Bapty, "The Ginger Pleidian", "The Forest Clown", "The Guide", CSSBC

Master Prema, Master Karin, Master Kiyoshi, Master Chin, Master Stattin, Alex Bapty, "The Ginger Pleidian", "The Forest Clown", "The Guide"

Master Lee, Master Prema, Master Karin, Master Shew, "The Guide"


Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy, Kiyoshi Ikenaga, Master Karin

Oshio College of Acupuncture & Herbology, CSSBC, Master Karin, Dr. Yin, Yu-Lin, CK Wong

OCAH, Jaime Coy, Carlos, "Ju JU", Dr. Lee

Master Karin, countless books, personal experimentation of over 50 cleanses and fasts, and personal experience with medicinal cooking and supplement intake over 20+ years

CCST, SSHAC, Four Branches Health Centre, VHHC, Myra Lucke, Al Smith, and decades of entrepreneurialism

NPFC, Lynn VA, Justice Law, self-taught personal experience over 12 years

20+ years of "adulting", teaching, working for myself and learning from my mistakes, plus all of the above schools & teachers listed


Today, the self-development journey continues. I’m working more and more online, developing educational content while cultivating soul-family connections in the real world.

In my free time you might find me trail-running in the woods, overlanding / glamping, enjoying laptop time at cafés, or having colourfully authentic conversations with friends. I get alot out of the men’s circles and leadership groups I attend as well. The male kinship I experience in these groups is a rare and priceless thing and for or all the men reading this, know that brotherhood is crucial on the journey to getting past your shit and living a beautiful life.

Secret talents of mine include busting out various accents, residing in the “nothing box“, breaking out in song, and starting kitchen dance parties.

What’s next? On the business side, more online courses and podcast production. For personal, I’d very much like to visit more temples around the world. Clothing design and music production are calling again as well. Beyond that, do you think more stillness is in order? Yeah, me too…


You’ve read this far. Is something clicking?

Working with me, you get the benefit of 20+ years experience in the healing arts, coaching, entrepreneurialism, life skills, business, and higher sense development.

I am here to Guide people like you, no matter which areas of your life have you blocked. No aspect of life is off the table as they are all connected by the fractal framework of this reality. Let me explain…

…You might recall I mentioned the concept of Universal Laws earlier on this page. This is the premise that everything in life rests upon a universal framework of function. So universal in fact that the knowledge of these laws leads to an automatic understanding of any area of life. Once learned, these laws are the short-cut to quickly understanding any subject – like speed reading life itself. Knowing this (plus having acquired the life-experience I have) is why we can dive into anything you’re stuck on. Not because I claim to be a realized master of life, but because I have the knowledge of the laws of reality on my side. My purpose now is to pass down this knowledge to you, while simultaneously modelling its application. It is through this process, along with your full participation, that I am able to help you completely transform any part of your human experience.

When you understand the universality behind the workings of reality, you unlock knowledge and abilities in any area of life. And with the right leadership to guide you, your steps become leaps and new chapters unfold.


So, if you know deep down that it’s high time you took a stand for yourself…


There is no better time than now