Seamus Osiris

Awakening? Lost? Confused?

You’re on this page to learn about me so I’ll tell you, I was too. I woke up very young. Too young maybe. Little kids and existential crisis don’t mix. Point is, I get it.

Health problems much?

I suffered with over 20 years of mental & physical health problems. Auto-immune, cancer, years of chronic pain, clinical depression. I was suicidal more times than I can count. Lost, confused, directionless… or just running up against constant blocks, overwhelm, & existential crisis? Been there too.

Realizing you need better help?

You see how fucked up the world is, you see how deeply it has affected you, you realize how traumatized you are and how much you’re up against in your personal and business life. You realize you need your people and that big-brother-mentor-teacher person to show you a better direction.

I hear you. This being human thing is for real.

Life is no joke, especially when you learn the hard to swallow truths of not only modern society, but our forgotten origins as a species. Thankfully… gradually… if you humble yourself to learning through those that have been there before you, you can quickly find the way out of the labyrinths of suffering that both your brainwashing and you co-generated.

By embracing the student mind I adapted.

Letting your guard down and learning from those wiser than you is only one step. Putting that knowledge into action is the tricky part. This is where our interdependent nature must be embraced. To make changes in my life, I needed others on my side. I needed to let in comrades that had my back.

We need others who have been there, done that, and know what it takes

I had to let go of my hyper independent pride and let in help of a higher consciousness. Advanced humans and entities knew what I needed to hear and were happy to help because they saw my potential. Learning to accept help was, in the end, what made (and continues to make) the difference for me.

And now that’s what I’m here to provide for you.

Working with me, you get the benefit of 20+ years experience in the healing arts, psychotherapeutic arts, life & business skills, tech savvy, online business systems, media production, occult tools and practices, ancient knowledge, and higher sense development.

My Back Story

If you want the story version of my background, use the toggle below:

I woke up early in life. What I mean by that is I remembered I was a soul in a human body when I was a child. This was a start, but my real re-education in the mystery school of Life started as a teenager. I wanted to know more about the intuition, abilities, and senses I was born with. I needed clarity on why I was so different. So, to start off my journey, I sought out my celtic roots. I learned everything I could about Europe's ancient mystical arts including the power of mind, belief, and ritual. Soon my life-long interest in herbal medicine began and so did my journey as an apprentice.

My first Guides arrived when I was 18. One, a First Nation's elder. The other, a Japanese Master. From these two mysterious individuals I learned macrobiotics, aikido, herbology, qi manipulation, and biofeedback. My Japanese master at the time encouraged me to embrace Western standards - to get a formal education. I was very reluctant about this, but it proved important. I went to the city to learn Japanese medicine, Shiatsu therapy, Tai Chi, business, and business management.

The city was an intense place of learning. The lessons of school, relationships, and synchronicity were endless. The absence of nature proved challenging for me. I felt the call to know the land, how to grow food, and what it's like to live simply while serving a community. A small island off the coast of Canada is where the next chapter began. There I apprenticed under more esoteric healers and recluse masters. I learned about energy-psychology, energy healing, subconscious reprogramming, hypnosis, and several forms of bodywork. I received attunement as a Reiki Master, graduated as a Hakomi practitioner, received certification in Psych-K, attended regular non-violent communication practice groups, and began coaching and mentoring students. Relationships came and went and the wheels of Life's lessons turned.

I went on to become founder of the Salt Spring Healing Art’s Circle, the Salt Spring Men’s Circle, and co-founder of SSEEDS (the Salt Spring Eco-Village Education and Development Society). The island life was both awe-inspiring and heart-breaking. During that time, my brother's death hit me hard and catalyzed many changes. It was time for a new beginning. Time to live outwards rather than inwards. Time to have more fun and spread my wings wider. So I left the bubble of that little island for a bigger one: Vancouver Island, BC.

The lessons of the 3d, tangible, and practical came with this move. I dove into business and financial education, as well as that of traveling, dating, and love. School wasn't quite finished with me and after a chaotic trip to Bali, the call to learn returned. I came back with a men's clothing company ready to go. I thought I could leave the path of the "healer" behind. Tragedy had me jaded and I was feeling done. The gravity of that path is a powerful seductress however. I had always dreamt of being a Chinese medicine doctor, and as much fun as running a clothing company sounded, I couldn't do it. To me, the world needed more healers and Guides, not more clothes. So, off to Chinese Medicine school I went. I'm almost embarrassed to write that not even that filled my appetite. Unbeknownst to me, Victoria had its own college-level Hypnotherapy school (a rare thing in this world) and I couldn't resist. Shortly after my graduation from TCM, I went on to formally learn hypnotherapy which remains one of the most powerful tools I use. More mentorship also called. As a natural development of working in the healing arts, I had been coaching, counselling, and guiding my clients all those years, but I sought to grok it better through others. So, as I learned to master my own mind hypnotically, I simultaneously apprenticed under two successful life coaches.

Eventually... finally... prioritizing education came to an end. I left the obsession of accomplishment behind. I'd had my fill of the outward life. That place between the inner and outer worlds was calling. BEING is where it is at for me now. The power of well utilized stillness, of Being, has become one of my greatest teachers, second only to connection. And so began the next chapter. The chapter I live today.



Yes, I have received many forms of formal post-secondary education. No, they likely will not satisfy what you may very well have been conditioned to value. Most of what I have come to know was handed down to me (as a padawan/apprentice) by recluse teachers, a few books, and countless hours of both practice as well as learning in the depths of meditative states.

Part of the journey of awakening from the Matrix of the modern age is coming to realize that post-secondary institutions are not what they’re cracked up to be. Not only do they espouse countless lies, but they have also rendered themselves obsolete as the information age trudges forward past them. The long list of both wealthy and highly influential high-school dropouts in the world may also give you food for thought.

So, do not let yourself be fooled by the status quo of certificates. You are not paying attention if you have not realized the worthlessness of most degrees.


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Today, the self-development journey continues.

I’m working more and more online, developing educational content, producing podcasts, and cultivating soul-family connections in the real world.

In my free time you might find me trail-running in the woods, overlanding, glamping, travelling to power spots, enjoying laptop-lifestyle moments in random cafés, or having colourfully authentic conversations with friends.

I get a lot out of the men’s circles and leadership groups I lead and attend as well.

The kinship in high consciousness groups is a rare and priceless thing and for or all those seeking more connection with your people, know that circling up with like minds is crucial on the journey to getting past your shit and living a beautiful life. See my group offerings here.

Secret talents of mine include…

busting out various accents, residing in the “nothing box“, and breaking out in dramatic song.

What’s next? On the business side, more online courses and podcast production is underway. For personal, I’d very much like to visit more temples around the world. Clothing design and music production are calling again as well. Beyond that, do you think more stillness is in order? Yeah, me too…

When you breach the walls of resistance and truly commit to your evolution… Your life TAKES OFF

When you put your foot down, let of go your old stories, and decide to TRULY LOVE YOURSELF… YOU LEARN HOW TO GO PHOENIX ❤️‍🔥

TO burn up the old and rise from the ashes, AGAIN AND AGAIN


If you’ve made it this far, than I’d love to meet you.

If you know it’s high time you truly took a stand for yourself… and in turn, a stand for humanity…

…then there is no better time than NOW