a mystery-school MENTORSHIP approach to SELF MASTERY


A leadership approach to self-transformation

Like Neo emerging from the Matrix, you’re waking. As the game of Earth changes and society currently moves through its great transformation, you’re emerging to the truth. You see the darkness within society, the trauma that holds you back, and the challenges you must overcome to reach the heights that you know deep down you can reach. Self-sabotage keeps getting in the way and it’s becoming abundantly clear there are important life skills you have yet to develop and that figuring it out on your own isn’t working.

Too many sobering truths about life and the world you find yourself in are staring you in the face now… and you know it’s time. It’s time to move on from the past. It’s time to evolve and adapt to these crazy times. And it’s time to stop doing it without a teacher and Guide devoted to your success.


If you connect to the above then YOU MIGHT RELATE TO SOME OF THIS TOO…

  Life just not working. Living a free and amazing life seems impossible in this oppressive world

  Feeling caught in a mental trap of uncontrollable habits (ie. checking social media, fixating on food, giving in to addictions, obsessing on the past, fearing the future, ruminating over your mistakes, comparing yourself to others, etc.)

  Realizing you weren’t taught how to maintain the mental and emotional resilience to truly live and realize your dreams. Get triggered on the daily and feeling like you’re getting nowhere instead

 Struggling to manage your time, money, diet, goals, or relationships and maybe realizing how much you still need to learn in all of these areas

  Struggling with goal setting, follow-through and staying on track along the way.

 Trying to stay positive, but repeatedly going through bouts of depression or anxiety which sometimes destroys your sense of hope

 Your mental / physical / spiritual health needing a huge shift. Needings answers, solutions, and better will-power

 Your self-discipline coming and going, preventing you from making a tangible difference

 Lacking direction, clarity and focus. Feelings lost sometimes.

 And lastly, perhaps realizing that you have been prevented from having all of these things; that your potential has been hidden from you by design


The frustration and confusion are real!


…is that nobody can ultimately save us. We have to save ourselves.


“Nobody’s coming to save me…” that one was the hardest lesson for me. I always thought my destiny would take care of itself. Not quite. Instead, it eventually became clear that I was more the creator of my destiny than I realized. I had to save myself. AND I couldn’t do it without help.

What’s beautiful, is that once we truly commit to this act of self-love, of self-directed heroism, other heroes doing the same arrive and we begin to join forces and find ourselves in circles of powerful support.

The piece most people miss (and I was no exception) is that being our own hero is actually incredibly simple when you have somebody showing you how. With the right guidance, the way forward is as clear as the sky is blue.

You have it in you. It’s not over. Hope is alive and well my friend, because you know the deeper truths. You’re made of pure energy. Pure consciousness. Remember? The power of your heart-directed mind can completely change your reality. You simply need training on how exactly to do just that. That is when Guides like myself come into the story.

You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams and like all of us, you just need capital ‘ G’ Guidance on how to fully experience this for yourself. Guidance on how to tap into the power that you ultimately are.


That feeling of wonder you have when you marvel at heroes in films, it’s not there just because of intrigue or your inner child. It’s there because you’re connecting to something familiar. Something so many of us lost along the way. A potential so beyond our wildest dreams that our conditioned adult minds quickly dismiss it as foolish fantasy. A potential so potent, it is deeply feared by those in power. And perhaps… you have been conditioned to fear it yourself.

Your awareness is THE testament to your capability. You may feel like you’re failing, but to be waking up is to be succeeding. You’ve had the wit to see through the bullshit AND you’ve worked hard to get where you are. Inner guidance led you to the right books, you asked the right questions, you’ve learned some of the practices, you’ve attended the workshops, and you’ve tried the alternative therapies. You might not be where you want to be at this point, but anyone who can see through the darkness has the ability to find the lasting light. If you’re still reading then I’m guessing you’re ready for change. Whether you see it or not, your resilience lives on. It is the very reason why you ended up on this website. You haven’t given up.

So perhaps it’s time. Time to RECLAIM your power. And time to do it with help.



Work with me and you just might experience…

  A life that finally works – a powerful and fulfilling existence because you now know how to generate the reality you want

  Undeniably upgraded resilience in the face of life’s challenges because you learned to hack the code of inner strength and self-belief

  Self-discipline like you’ve never had before because your destructive habits no longer compute with who you are now

  Time, money, health, and relationship issues seeming like distant memories because you acquired the critical knowledge you didn’t know you were missing. The knowledge that makes it all work

  Projects, goals, and aspirations well underway because we uncovered your sources of infinite inspiration, motivation, and resolve

  A life dominated by optimism, stability, and gratitude because your momentum now over-powers what once held you back

  Significantly up-levelled health in multiple areas of life because the many things we dealt with together were so much more connected than you realized

  A crystal clear direction moving forward as your new identity takes form with newfound focus and personal agency

  The deepest truths of existence itself, because we revealed what you were previously blind to and connected the dots of your understanding

“And From the ashes of the victim rises your truest self, the sovereign champion of personal destiny”


“Séamus is a master. His gift of listening, seeing, and intuitive knowing fast tracks right to the heart of the matter. His leadership is transformative. He truly lives his calling and is always able to release the core cause of any issue I bring to the table, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. He changed my life and I recommend him to everyone that needs help. He is a gift to this world. Thank you for being here Séamus!”

~ Cathy Campbell

YouTube video

“Through his regular daily contact, helping me set goals, and encouraging and celebrating me, he brought me back […] and was available every time I had a trigger or when I was getting off course.”

“I really see Séamus playing a similar role to my doctor except he uses a holistic approach to human well-being and personally as a practitioner I strive to work a lot like him.”

~ Harneet Gill, MD

“Thank you for creating a safe space for me to dive into my subconscious patterning and to allow childhood emotions to come up. Your presence is very grounding and the work you’ve done to gain these tools and practices is very clear in the way that you held space for me and I hope that others will choose to work with you so they can feel the safe and healing presence that you bring to the world.”

~ Derek Lovell, Life Coach


YouTube video
YouTube video

“I can’t believe the transformation…”

“The gift that Séamus offers is really being able to understand the ties between the body, mind, and spirit”

“It’s almost like a shamanic technique […] where he’s holding both parts of me, the part that feels broken and the part that needs to be uplifted and reminded of my magnificence”

“I have to say how grateful I am for […] that compassionate safe space where I feel truly seen in all of the stuff that I’d rather hide from”

 ~ Holly Bender

“Séamus has special powers. Séamus’ experiences with life’s challenges in our tiny part of the universe is not what gives him this power though. I can’t be certain how he accumulated all of his wisdom and insight but it’s as if he’s distilled it all from his unusual experiences. Having been outside the limited worldview most of us traverse he now comes to us with something special. Séamus connects with people in ways that are hard to describe.

He’s got a skeleton key for unlocking people from being trapped inside their box. He has what people need: Holistic coaching that cuts through bullshit and heals and guides and empowers”

~ Matt M.


Consistent ONE-ON-ONE mentorship, coaching, teachings, and direct healing to permanently up-level

My Guidance sessions, programs, & support groups provide you with skilled mentorship, education, and healing in whichever areas of life you need it. It’s about discovering the transformative difference an experienced, compassionate, older brother-like Guide can make in your life. When the integrated masculine is dedicated to teaching, steering, and supporting you in a way that’s human, vulnerable, and powerful beyond the likes of most other supportive relationships you’ve ever experienced… mountains move. Think reliability. Think skilled and emotionally connected interactions that touch the soul of you. Think deep insights; critical real-world knowledge and life skills; think essential abilities and practices; and think game-changing methods of how to put it all into daily effortless action. Knowledge passed down in real-time from a fellow awakening being that’s been where you are and knows the way out.

LET’S move mountains SHALL WE?

SERVICE   Details

Guidance is offered in two ways:



My Guidance Program is your opportunity for consistent help. These month long one-on-one programs are specifically designed to significantly accelerate your evolution in ways that single one-off sessions simply cannot.

With these packages you have the option to work with me for either one or two-month periods through which we are in as much contact as is needed to ensure your blocks no longer get in the way of the game-changing experience you’ve been needing.

There are two types of packages:

UNIVERSAL:  Tailored for international clients (or local clients who don’t feel the need for in-person connection & sessions).
LOCAL:  For local clients living in Victoria, BC who want the added value of in-person healing work and Guidance sessions.

During each month of Guidance you get:

  Consistent (daily if needed) teachings, guidance, and raw human connection with me via video-calls, voice calls, email, and text (and at least two in-person sessions for the Local packages)
  No time limits or additional costs
  Educational content in the form of PDFs, audio clips, video teachings and instructions
  On-going assignments, daily practices, walk-throughs, real emotional availability, subconscious repatterning practices, and local/distance healing work (see my healing services to get acquainted with these options)


Other details about my approach, the specific abilities and skills I teach, etc. are found here.

If you’re ready to go for it, choose what best suits your needs from the options below:



If affordability is an issue or you’d like to discuss payment plan options, Book a call to learn more. Let’s not let money stop you from moving forward.

Still have unanswered questions?

Book a call and let’s talk about it



These single Guidance Sessions are one hour intensive experiences. These are great for blasts of powerful help without the big monthly commitment. Locals use these in-person sessions for hands-on healing and Guidance/mentorship. International clients use them as a leap forward or for the boost they need to keep flying after completing a Guidance package.

These sessions are like workshops and healing experiences combined. A notebook and open mind are essential as we do a deep dive into the your highest priority blocks while simultaneously dealing with them on the spot.

Like working with me monthly, I draw on all of my past training and experience in these sessions as we enter a flow-state together. In this way we work with whatever tools in my tool belt that the moment calls upon to facilitate life shifts that you’re ready for at the time.

These sessions are provided either online (video-call) or in-person, depending on your location and preferences. The current Guidance Session options and prices are provided below.



Throughout our journey together, you will be held in solid compassion. It is my priority that you feel seen, accepted for who and where you are on your journey, and made to feel safe. All of you is encouraged to show up, ugly parts and all. There is little I have not seen or heard in the way of difficult pasts, regrets, and traumas. You will be in capable hands.

My style arrives in the form of a long developed balance of the masculine and feminine polarities of leadership. How this looks is combinations of assertion and patience, challenge and acceptance, planning and flowing, logistical analysis and intuition, soft love and tough love.

I show up dedicated to you reclaiming your life and leveraging the deeper truths of reality. I devote myself to each person I work with overcoming that which has always held them back. Transformation is the name of the game.


You will be taught trauma and emotional transmutation, energy cultivation, flow-state activation, body-mind connection and communication, social power, and other crucial abilities needed to generate your empowered self.

I’ll be introducing you to knowledge and methods for confidence, magnetism, resilience, self-healing, and up-leveling your personal power. Through our work together you will learn core-belief engineering and universal truths that put self-discipline, motivation, and will-power on auto-pilot.

In addition, you will be educated on the universal frameworks behind Life’s practical requirements. These could include entrepreneurial skills-sets (accounting, investing, communication, management, etc.), optimal self-care (efficient healthy food prep, sustainable routine design, customized body maintenance practices, etc.), and relationship superpowers.


A few other examples of what gets passed down:

  The science of happiness, flow states, and “mind-over-matter”
  Clearing techniques for emotional pain and how to overcome your blocks (past trauma)
  The art of effortlessness in the areas of self-discipline, motivation, and consistency
  The mechanisms of the human body and how to control this body-mind connection
  How to self-assess and self-heal at the root cause level
  How to find, develop, and maintain any kind of relationship
  How to deal with a distracted addicted mind and develop focus
  The secrets to thriving amidst the complexities of a backwards digital world

You will also learn the everyday life skills you’re missing. For example, if food and cooking amidst a busy life is an issue, we will address this. Want to make more money? You will receive guidance toward abundance. Have a business idea? Let’s get it going. Need help meeting friends, getting dates, and cultivating real connections with authentic people?

I spent over two decades immersed in self-development, coaching & metaphysical apprenticeships, conscious communication, integrated eastern-western health sciences, meditation and self-hypnotic abilities, group leadership, and both the brick and mortar and online sectors of business.

My mission is to pass down to you all that was passed down to me and more

Whatever your highest priorities and biggest blocks are, we will put a laser focus on these and get your life off the ground

Break  Free

Maybe, just maybe… a feeling, an instinct, an invisible white rabbit of sorts… led you to this moment, to this page, to read these words.

If you’ve come this far then you are in the process of waking up. And we both know, it’s not easy… BUT… I assure you, it’s exactly where you want to be. Why? Because the next level is worth all of it and more.

How long have you waited for change? How many times have you gotten on and off the wagon only to end up on the same level of your life’s development again and again?

It’s time for a different approach. And it’s time to stop doing it on your own.

The cost of freedom is courage. Be your hero and leave the prison of the Matrix behind. The destiny you choose to create awaits you

“Your Heart is free. Have the courage to follow it”