one-on-one mentorship for a beautiful life as a sensitive

Are you tired of hearing how different or special you are? Do your extrasensory gifts feel like both a blessing and a curse?

Being awake and… different, in a sleeping society has it’s challenges. You were never properly mentored and living the expansive fulfilling life of your dreams feels impossible. Perhaps it’s time. Time to receive help from that spiritual advisor you’ve been hoping you would find.

Have you always wanted a Guide to help navigate this world? You would be wise to have that desire. Figuring out this thing called life within the matrix of Earth is best done with the help of those who know the way out. To truly wake up to the real, you need at least a Morpheus-like ally, if not an entire team that he/she connects you to. In the end, there is no getting out without help. So are you ready to drop the lone-wolf story? Nothing happens by accident in this world, including you connecting with these words here and now. You’re following the signs. Well done. Keep going.


  Your life’s just not working. Living a thriving existence seems pretty unrealistic against the countless barriers of the modern world

  You are sensitive. You feel people, situations, and places. You have gifts, but they seem to make life harder or more confusing a lot of the time

  You weren’t taught mental and emotional resilience. This coupled with unresolved trauma, it’s like everyday is a string of triggers ruining your forward motion

  Your emotional world keeps returning to anxiety, depression, isolation, extreme highs and lows, loneliness, hopelessness, and fear of what could be

  You feel trapped by your thoughts and bad habits (ie. obsessively checking your phone, fixating on carbs, sugar, or coffee; regretting the past, fearing the future, comparing yourself to others, etc.) Your mind feels out of control

  Not only do you struggle to manage your Gift(s), you also struggle to manage your time, money, diet, goals, and relationships (to name a few). Organization, communication… you need life skills school didn’t give you

  Your spiritual practices and physical self-care just aren’t where they need to be either and you have health concerns lacking solutions

  Overall, your self-discipline comes and goes way too much to ever make a real difference in your life

  You’re not connected to clarity and direction. You feel unfocused and lost

  And lastly, you may even be struggling with the realization that you are being prevented by forces outside of you; that your potential is being hidden from you by design

It’s not ALL bad, but it can certainly seem that way on the bad days.

All hope is certainly not lost. You know deep down you can do it, but not alone and not without a unique sort of help. The spiritual advisor kind; the big loving brother kind; the loyal Guide kind. That strong big-hearted teacher… he’s long overdue

In case we didn’t meet on the homepage, I thought I’d make another opportunity here.

I know what it’s like to be connected to a force that others aren’t and to be able to do things others can’t. It was a lot to manage on top of what little school taught me about the real world. Being gifted and not having the life skills this world requires of us, life was overwhelming for me. I was plagued by chronic depression, anxiety, addiction, chronic pain, cPTSD, poverty, and worse fates we won’t go into here. I questioned my desire to continue this journey on many occasions. I oscillated between feelings of deep fear and confusion, loneliness, insecurity, despair, and regret. It wasn’t fun.

That intuitive voice didn’t give up though. There was an inner guidance to trust Life even though I felt abandoned by it. And the more I learned how to trust on a lasting subconscious level, and the more I realize Life had my back if I just let, the more that which I needed arrived. The right people, the right opportunities… things very slowly began to fall into place until finally suffering ceased to rule my existence. This way of breaking free is what I now bring to you and those like you.

Don’t get me wrong, I still go through challenging times like anyone. The pain inherent in life doesn’t magically end. Life will always be a work in progress so don’t believe the lies… BUT, those of us that have been through hell and back can tell you that the other side exists and you CAN get there (without going through more hell). The other side where the vast majority of life is beautiful and you’ve moved beyond what held you back. Where the hardest work is over. Where you wake up stoked to be alive the majority of the time. Where the depth, meaning, connection, and abundance arrive and life finally feels more than worth living. 


That feeling of wonder you have when you marvel at heroes in films, it’s not there just because of intrigue. It’s there because you’re connecting to something familiar. Something so many of us lost along the way. A potential so beyond our wildest dreams that our conditioned adult minds quickly dismiss it as foolish fantasy. A potential so potent, it is deeply feared by those in power. And perhaps you have been conditioned to fear it yourself.

Your Gifts are just the surface of your capability. You may feel like you’re failing, but to be a sensitive and to be seeking answers is to be already succeeding. To not give up and to faithfully listen to your inner guidance is to have already won.

Your intuitive knowing led you to the right books, the right questions, and some of the practices you needed along the way. You’ve attended the workshops, done your best to cultivate spiritual tools, and you’ve received the healing arts.

You might not be where you want to be at this point, but anyone who can see through the darkness has the ability to find the lasting light. You are ready for a powerful transformation. Whether you see it or not, your resilience lives on. It is the very reason why you continue to read these words right now.

You are powerful. Powerful beyond your wildest dreams.

It is time to RECLAIM your power. And it’s time to do it with help.



  A life in which you thrive. A life that by some miracle is actually working… CONSISTENTLY, all because you resolved the true reasons you were held back

  A newfound relationship with your higher senses and gifts that’s making things way more interesting and dare I say FUN, because you learned how to control and develop them

  A new level of resilience that takes some getting used to. As in experiencing way less emotional hijackings by triggers all day because you transformed your trauma patterns and took back your personal power

  A complete emotional shift. An inner world dominated by feelings of optimism, joy, gratitude, connection, belonging, motivation, and inspiration because you reconnected to your true self

  Self-discipline you didn’t know you had in you. No more feeling owned by robotic compulsive behaviours and instead being in the driver’s seat of your choices with minimal effort because you developed it with consistent help by your side

  An informed and orderly 3d reality where the practical life skills necessary in this world (time management, financial literacy, organizational and entrepreneurials skills, etc.) are finally getting somewhere because we filled in the blanks of your understanding

  Goals being completed, deadlines being met because you worked through what was blocking you and learned new passive habit-forming secrets

  Physical and spiritual practices that you no longer resist, but gravitate toward because you learned where the resistance was coming from and how to move past it

  Total clarity on where you’re going, why you’re here, and a plan of action moving forward because we dove deep into who you truly are and reconnected you to WHY. Why you came back to Earth and what you’re here to do


“Warning! After working with Seamus you may experience serious side effects. These may include extreme happiness, contentment, feelings of bliss and game-changing confidence. From the start he was genuinely interested in my overall wellness, intuitively using a variety of modalities that helped me completely change the way I think and feel in ways I didn’t know possible. This then helped me overcome significant obstacles I’d been having, resulting in a powerful shift in my life. I’ve since finally become genuinely positive, confident, and succesful. There is nothing to think about. Seamus is your guy. You’ll never look back.”

~ Allison Ruddy

“Séamus is a master. His gift of listening, seeing, and intuitive knowing fast tracks right to the heart of the matter. His leadership is transformative. He truly lives his calling and is always able to release the core cause of any issue I bring to the table, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. He changed my life and I recommend him to everyone that needs help. He is a gift to this world. Thank you for being here Séamus!”

~ Cathy Campbell

YouTube video

“Through his regular daily regular contact, helping me set goals, and encouraging and celebrating me, he brought me back […] and was available every time I had a trigger or when I was getting off course.”

“I really see Séamus playing a similar role to my doctor except he uses a holistic approach to human well-being and personally as a practitioner I strive to work a lot like him.”

~ Harneet Gill, MD

YouTube video

“I can’t believe the transformation…”

“The gift that Séamus offers is really being able to understand the ties between the body, mind, and spirit”

“It’s almost like a shamanic technique […] where he’s holding both parts of me, the part that feels broken and the part that needs to be uplifted and reminded of my magnificence”

“I have to say how grateful I am for […] that compassionate safe space where I feel truly seen in all of the stuff that I’d rather hide from”

 ~ Holly Bender

“Séamus has special powers. Séamus’ experiences with life’s challenges in our tiny part of the universe is not what gives him this power though. I can’t be certain how he accumulated all of his wisdom and insight but it’s as if he’s distilled it all from his unusual experiences. Having been outside the limited worldview most of us traverse he now comes to us with something special. Séamus connects with people in ways that are hard to describe.

He’s got a skeleton key for unlocking people from being trapped inside their box. He has what people need: Holistic coaching that cuts through bullshit and heals and guides and empowers”

~ Matt M.


Consistent ONE-ON-ONE mentorship, coaching, teachings, and direct healing to permanently up-level your life

Guidance For The Gifted is tailored to those waking up to the truth, having a hard time processing what they now know, have abilities and gifts others don’t, and long for a heart-centred leader to guide them through; a teacher with humility who knows your experience because they’ve been where you are; a spiritual advisor that can relate to your sensitivity and therefore shows up in ways that keep you feeling seen while moving forward powerfully; an ally that’s got your back in the way you’ve always needed because they know what they’re doing and they care.

If Your need for guidance is long overdue,  Then Are you ready to receive help? If so, read my service details below to get more informed on what Guidance looks like, or book a call and get your questions answer that way

SERVICE   Details

Guidance is offered in two ways:



Packages are your opportunity for consistent help. They are specifically designed to significantly accelerate your evolution at a speed that single one-off sessions simply cannot, largely due to the consistency of contact offered in said packages.

With these packages you have the option to work with me for either one or two-month periods through which we are in as much contact as is needed to ensure your blocks no longer get in the way of the game-changing experience you’ve been needing.

There are two types of packages:

UNIVERSAL:  Tailored for international clients or those who don’t feel the need for in-person connection & sessions.
LOCAL:  For local clients living in Victoria, BC who want the added value of in-person healing work and mentorship.

During each month of Guidance you get:

  Consistent (daily if needed) teachings, guidance, tools, practices, training, coaching, counselling, and raw human connection with me via video-calls, voice calls, email, and text (and at least two in-person sessions for the Local packages)
  No time limits or additional costs
  Educational content in the form of PDFs, audio clips, video teachings and instructions
  On-going assignments, daily practices, walk-throughs, real emotional availability, subconscious repatterning practices, and local/distance healing work (see my healing services to get acquainted with these options)


Other details about my approach, the specific abilities and skills I teach, etc. are found here.

If affordability is an issue or you’d like to discuss payment plan options, Book a call to learn more.

Choose what best suits your needs from the options below:


If affordability is an issue or you’d like to discuss payment plan options, Book a call to learn more. Let’s not let money stop you from moving forward.

Still have unanswered questions?

Book a call and let’s talk about it



These single Guidance Sessions are one hour intensive experiences. These are great for blasts of powerful help without the big monthly commitment and cost. Locals use these in-person sessions for hands-on healing and Guidance/mentorship. International clients often use them like an occasional boost after completing a Guidance package to keep them flying.

These sessions are like workshops and healing experiences combined. A notebook and open mind are essential as we do a deep dive into the your highest priority blocks while simultaneously dealing with them on the spot.

Like working with me monthly, I draw on all of my past training and experience in these sessions as we enter a flow-state together. In this way we work with whatever tools in my tool belt that the moment calls upon to facilitate life shifts that you’re ready for at the time.

These sessions are provided either online (video-call) or in-person, depending on your location and preferences. The current Guidance Session options and prices are provided below.

  Learn the nature of your gifts, how they work, and how to control them

  Learn how to Transcend childhood trauma, illness, and self-sabotage

  Learn the arts of self-healing and subconscious reprogramming

  Train your mind for effortlessness in the areas of self-discipline, motivation, and attracting what you want

  Learn advanced holistic medicine and how to apply it to your life

  Get connected to suppressed breakthrough healing technologies

  Master your emotions, take control of your will, and come back to life



Throughout our journey together, you will be held in solid compassion. It is my priority that you feel seen, accepted for who and where you are at on your journey, and that you are made to feel safe. All of you is encouraged to show up, ugly parts and all. There is little I have not seen or heard in the way of difficult pasts, regrets, and traumas and you will be in capable hands.

My style arrives in the form of a long developed balance of the masculine and feminine polarities of leadership. How this looks is combinations of assertion and patience, challenge and acceptance, planning and flowing, logistical analysis and intuition, soft love and tough love.

I show up dedicated to you reclaiming your life and leveraging the deeper truths of reality. I devote myself to each person I work with in overcoming that which has always held them back. Transformation is the name of the game.


You will be guided through energy control processes, focus power and mental command exercises, trauma and emotional transmutation techniques, awareness tools, and other crucial abilities needed to generate the empowered self you were born to live as.

I’ll be introducing you to knowledge and methods for confidence, magnetism, resilience, self-healing, and how to not only control but up-level your gifts. Through our work together you will learn the core beliefs and universal truths that put self-discipline, motivation, and will-power on auto-pilot.

In addition, you will be educated on the universal frameworks behind Life’s practical requirements. These could include entrepreneurial skills-sets (accounting, investing, communication, management, etc.), next level self-care (efficient healthy food prep, sustainable routine design, customized body maintenance practices, etc.), and relationship superpowers.



The ancestral tribes of our past had great masters to turn to. Medicine men and women of ageless wisdom and abilities beyond the five senses. They were multi-disciplinary, magical people that embodied both mystic and scientist, teacher and healer.

They taught the ways to heal AND DEVELOP the whole self PLUS HOW TO CONNECT TO THE deep unseen truths that lead to an empowered, purpose-driven life.

What most do not realize is that such teachers still exist in society today, mostly hidden until now. I was blessed to train under more than one.

I am no self-proclaimed master, but I have been on the Path since childhood. I have much to pass down from the Jedi-like humans that did the same for me. I am ready when you are.


The Time Is Now to embody your highest self