a mystery-school guidance approach to helping men live powerfully



You followed the white rabbit and took the proverbial red pill. Greetings.

Welcome to the REAL WORLD Neo

You’ve begun to see the lies in society. It’s clear now that what you were taught to believe about the world and how the world actually is are two very different things. Government, health, money, career, relationships, your body, your mind, this planet… our place in the cosmic web of life. Qi/energy and consciousness… you’re beginning to understand. Regardless of all the ‘woke’ stuff, however, you’re also dealing with a lot in your life. Perhaps it’s physical or mental health problems, relationship issues (or lack thereof), self-sabotage, addiction, or isolation. All of the above coupled with the realization that you were not properly prepared for (or educated on) any of this has resulted in a life you’re not deeply in love with. You did not receive the life-skills and know-how to live a powerful, abundant, and sane life in the backwards world you find yourself in. You’ve woken up, but you’re still not thriving. Does all of this sound about right? If so, I get it. I went through the same.

I’ve been there, but because I learned how to shift up and out of it, I made it to the other side where suffering is more like an occasional visitor rather than a default state of being. I’ll share more about exactly how I made the shift, but for now I have another red pill for you…

…If you’re awake to many of life’s ugly truths, but still mostly suffering through and tolerating your existence, then you haven’t connected all the necessary dots. You may have discovered a lot of truth, no doubt, but there are pieces of the puzzle still missing. If you’re not thriving despite the world and your past, you haven’t yet fully woken up and broken free.

IF THIS IS CONNECTING then perhaps you are more ready than you realize to step through the most critical door of your evolution. Question is, are you ready to let go of the lone-wolf story and do it with help?

It is not my career, but my Path to Guide men like you to the door of their ultimate life. To leave behind the old version of you and become the Master and King of your domain – the true You that you know yourself to be. There is but one thing you must do… leave the old you behind.

For most of us men, the devoted and experienced; strong yet loving male role model we always needed never arrived. Most of us have spent too much of our lives figuring it out on our own, quasi-lost and stumbling our way through life. With no real example of fully integrated masculinity to look to, we’re robbed of the priceless knowledge of how life actually works, why ours isn’t, and what to do about it.

If you resonate with the above, then you must be somewhere similar to where I was. for me the picture lookED something like this:

  A lack of mental and emotional resilience, confidence, and self-discipline

  Struggles with depression, anxiety, addiction, complex PTSD, isolation tendencies, loneliness, and despair to name a few

  Money problems, time management issues, dietary struggles, and relationship blunders

  Huge troubles with women in the areas of conversation, dating, sex, effective communication, and truly understanding female nature

  Feeling mentally trapped by uncontrollable behaviours (ie. reaching for the phone, sugar, food, porn, and whatever else were the latest obsessions of choice)

 Issues with goal setting, staying on track, following through, and “getting my shit together”

  Physical health issues and inconsistent or non-existent self-care routines and practices

  Feeling lost and directionless, hearing only whispers of my purpose/mission/dream, yet never fully knowing what it was

  And eventually learning that I was being actively prevented from fully realizing my potential; that the truth about me, about all of us… about human potential itself… was being hidden from me by design

Sound familiar or at least similar? Having taken the red pill and woken up to the degree that you have, it’s high time you had a Guide on your side. Doing this with the help of your mom and your friends isn’t exactly effective anymore, is it?

You’re dealing with conditioning from a backwards culture, oppression from a corrupt “system”, and trauma from a not-so-perfect past. Great. You want to do something about it? I’d love to help you if you do.

If you’ll let me, I’ll show you how. How to get past your shit, heal your health problems, get the right details in order, and start actually Living.

I know you know there is a lot more to life and to what you’re truly capable of.

Hope is not lost. You just need what we all do eventually… help from people that actually give a shit.

All great men had mentors who led them to their greatness.


How would you like to have an experienced Guide in your life to spell out life’s mysteries? A compassionate, dedicated, and capable big brother-like presence who’s been there, done that. A man who was consumed by suffering, learned how to rise from his own ashes, and now makes it his mission to teach others how to do the same.

Most of us men did not have the role models we needed. We didn’t have strong and loving fatherly advisors that saw our potential and stuck by to see it realized.

This massive unmet need amongst men is why I offer Mentorship For Men. And meeting this need is not some career for me… it is a cornerstone of my Purpose.

I also didn’t have such a mentor for the first half of my life. My father taught me very little about the real world. He did his best, but coming out of highschool I didn’t know how to run a laundry machine, let alone how to meet and have relationships with women, what my options were for making money, how to cook, or the importance of having a higher purpose in life. I was scrambling to stay afloat in a world I was unprepared for. That is, until I let others in to help. Wise, experienced, compassionate, no bull-shit type of people.

To truly get life on track we need effective and dedicated allies.


In case we didn’t meet on the homepage, greetings brother. My name is Séamus.

Through hell and back, I’ve been where you are. I was ruled by relentlessly long (several months at a time) periods of depression, addiction, anxiety, chronic pain, poverty, debilitating loneliness and worse fates I won’t go into here. I questioned my desire to continue this life more times than I can count. I oscillated between feelings of deep fear, insecurity, loneliness, confusion, anxiety, and regret. I desperately wanted to quit this thing called life.

Though I met many spiritual and practical guides along the way, none of them were the multi-disciplinary leaders I needed. Too many specialists, not enough realists. And like most men, I was taught it was weak to receive help. That a “real man” does it on his own.

Life demanded practical skills, social skills, life skills, AND deep spiritual understanding that I didn’t have. So, I painstakingly pursued and developed these skills one by one on my own, gleaning what I could from masters, books, and other circumstances Life synchronistically orchestrated for me. Over 20 years of academic pursuits, apprenticeships, intensives, conferences, ceremonies, temple visits, and practice in the martial and healing arts, I eventually became who I am today.

I am a man dedicated to making the learning process Life requires of us much easier for others than it was for me. My relentless pursuit of Life’s deep truths, of what actually works, and how everything ties together brought me to a place of power. And letting dedicated effective help in was the final piece. Now, I pass the keys to reclaiming personal sovereignty and power to all who truly desire it.


  Experiencing yourself at a new and consistent level of confidence, focus, and self-discipline through reconnection with the source of your power

  Formulating and executing on a solid plan-of-action focused on significantly upgrading the areas of life you’re struggling in (finances, relationships, sex, career, mental health, physical well-being, etc.)

  Having a full and satisfying experience in dating and relationships through a significantly leveled-up understanding of women and the workings of male-female dynamics

  Getting control of your self-destructive habits and addictions through applying the tools that end them

  Rocking your goals and aspirations consistently, due to hacking your motivation, generating effortless self-discipline, and discovering your Purpose

  Significantly upgrading your physical and mental health by acquiring the knowledge and body-mind connection practices that take you there, and healing the trauma that’s held you back

  Waking up energized and alive because you now live your Why, your Purpose; the essence of who you are and why you’re here

  Shifting from feeling like a victim to living fully empowered because with my help, you finally faced your worst fears and liberated your full potential

In the movie The Matrix, Neo goes from an immature rebel without a cause, tolerating his existence, to a fully empowered superhuman embodied by his highest self and greatest purpose.

He was able to do this for four main reasons that I cover further down. One of them I’ll tell you now:  

Neo had help. He had powerful experienced allies.

This is what I offer you. Allyship like no other.


The following people have received Guidance as a general service. No matter a person’s sex the experience of Guidance is similar across the board. Mentorship For Men (MFM) is simply a form of Guidance that goes the extra mile in covering heteronormative male issues like dating women, running a business, and being a father. Here is what some of my clients and students have to say about their experiences with me as their Guide:

“Séamus is a master. His gift of listening, seeing, and intuitive knowing fast tracks right to the heart of the matter. His leadership is transformative. He truly lives his calling and is always able to release the core cause of any issue I bring to the table, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. He changed my life and I recommend him to everyone that needs help. He is a gift to this world. Thank you for being here Séamus!”

~ Cathy Campbell

“Thank you for creating a safe space for me to dive into my subconscious patterning and to allow childhood emotions to come up. Your presence is very grounding and the work you’ve done to gain these tools and practices is very clear in the way that you held space for me and I hope that others will choose to work with you so they can feel the safe and healing presence that you bring to the world.”

~ Derek Lovell, Life Coach


YouTube video
YouTube video

“He’s a healer, he’s a coach, he’s a counsellor… he really brings it all. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much love, acceptance, and compassion from a coach or a healer ever in my life. If you’re thinking about working with Seamus, I would definitely recommend it as he’s really a master at what he does […]. Say yes to your transformation”

~ Jared Dunlop, Hypnotherapist


“Séamus has special powers. His experiences with life’s challenges in our tiny part of the universe is not what gives him this power though. I can’t be certain how he accumulated all of his wisdom and insight but it’s as if he’s distilled it all from his unusual experiences. Having been outside the limited worldview most of us traverse he now comes to us with something special. Séamus connects with people in ways that are hard to describe.

He’s got a skeleton key for unlocking people from being trapped inside their box. He has what people need: Holistic coaching that cuts through bullshit and heals and guides and empowers”

~ Matt M.

YouTube video

“Through his regular daily contact, helping me set goals, and encouraging and celebrating me, he brought me back […] and was available every time I had a trigger or when I was getting off course.”

“I really see Séamus playing a similar role to my doctor except he uses a holistic approach to human well-being and personally as a practitioner I strive to work a lot like him.”

~ Harneet Gill, MD


Dedicated ONE-ON-ONE Guidance and direct healing designed to up-level EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR LIFE

Look at Mentorship for Men (MFM) as a combination of life & health coaching, critical life-skills education, and a spiritual guidance approach that combines ancient metaphysics with modern science. The purpose is to show you how to transcend life’s biggest challenges to bring your potential from what is possible to the real; to your lived experience.

This service is for men waking up to the truth and needing support that makes a significant and lasting difference. Support in the form of a teacher, advisor, and guide. An ally that’s got your back and knows what they’re doing.

Work with me and we will unravel that which gets in your way, that which is missing, and that which is already there for you to discover. You will learn much about all the aspects of life that need our attention and be given secret-school techniques and practices not ordinarily taught. I will show you how to shortcut life’s challenges and we will connect the dots of reality itself. From building social, relational and financial wealth; to deep understanding and skill with women and dating; male-centric health; control of your mind; and unstoppable resilience… we will touch upon all that needs attention to align you with the powerful being you are meant to be.

Your need for a Guide is long overdue. Are you ready to receive help?



Throughout our journey together, you will be held in solid compassion. It is my priority that you feel seen, accepted for who you are and where you’re at in your life, and made to feel safe. All of you is encouraged to show up, ugly parts and all. There is little I have not seen or heard in the way of difficult pasts, regrets, and traumas. You will be in capable hands with over 20 years experience.

My style arrives in the form of a long developed balance of the masculine and feminine polarities of leadership. In action, my approach in Guiding is a harmony of assertion and patience, challenge and acceptance, planning and flowing, logistical analysis and intuitive knowing, soft love and tough love.

I show up dedicated to you reclaiming your life and leveraging the deeper truths of reality. I devote myself to you finally overcoming that which has always held you back. Transformation is the name of the game I play.


You will be guided through energy control processes, focus power and mental command exercises, trauma and emotional transmutation techniques, awareness tools, and other crucial abilities needed to generate the empowered self you were born to live as.

I’ll be introducing you to knowledge and methods for confidence, magnetism, resilience, self-healing, and up-leveling your personal power. Through our work together you will learn the core beliefs and universal truths that put self-discipline, motivation, and will-power on auto-pilot.

In addition, you will be educated on the universal frameworks behind Life’s practical requirements. These could include entrepreneurial skills-sets (CRM, marketing, design, investing, communication, management, etc.), next level self-care (efficient healthy food prep, sustainable routine design, customized body maintenance practices, etc.), and relationship superpowers.


Guidance is offered in two ways:



Packages are your opportunity for consistent help. They are specifically designed to significantly accelerate your evolution in ways that single one-off sessions simply cannot, largely due to the consistency of contact itself.

With these packages you have the option to work with me for either one or two-month periods through which we are in as much contact as is needed to ensure your blocks no longer get in the way of the game-changing experience you’ve been needing.

There are two types of packages:

UNIVERSAL:  Tailored for international clients or those who don’t feel the need for in-person connection & sessions.
LOCAL:  For local clients living in Victoria, BC who want the added value of in-person healing work and mentorship.

During each month of Guidance you get:

  Consistent (daily if needed) teachings, guidance, and raw human connection with me via video-calls, voice calls, email, and text (and at least two in-person sessions for the Local packages)
  No time limits or additional costs
  Educational content in the form of PDFs, audio clips, video teachings and instructions
  On-going assignments, daily practices, walk-throughs, real emotional availability, subconscious repatterning practices, and local/distance healing work (see my healing services to get acquainted with these options)


Other details about my approach, the specific abilities and skills I teach, etc. are found here in case you missed them.

If affordability is an issue or you’d like to discuss payment plan options, Book a call to learn more.

Choose what best suits your needs from the options below:


If affordability is an issue or you’d like to discuss payment plan options, Book a call to learn more. Let’s not let money stop you from moving forward.

Still have unanswered questions?

Book a call and let’s talk about it



These single Guidance Sessions are one hour intensive experiences. These are great for blasts of powerful help without the big monthly commitment. Locals use these in-person sessions for hands-on healing and Guidance/mentorship. International clients often use them like an occasional boost after completing a Guidance package to keep them flying.

These sessions are like workshops and healing experiences combined. A notebook and open mind are essential as we do a deep dive into the your highest priority blocks while simultaneously dealing with them on the spot.

Like working with me monthly, I draw on all of my past training and experience in these sessions as we enter a flow-state together. In this way we work with whatever tools in my tool belt that the moment calls upon to facilitate life shifts that you’re ready for at the time.

These sessions are provided either online (video-call) or in-person, depending on your location and preferences. The current Guidance Session options and prices are provided below.

As mentioned earlier, in the movie The Matrix, Neo transformed himself from a victim mentality seeker, tolerating his existence, to a fully empowered creator of his own destiny embodied by his highest self and greatest purpose.

The four reasons he was able to do this are as follows:

  He learned to believe in himself

  He developed his intuition and trusted his feelings

  He accepted help from powerful allies

  He put his foot down and made the choice. The choice to be The ONE.

“Why Mr. Anderson? Why?” Smith placated. “Why do you get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you’re fighting FOR something? For something more than just your survival?” He demanded. “You must be able to see it Mr. Anderson. You must know it by now. You can’t win! It’s pointless. It’s pointless to keep fighting. Why Mr. Anderson? Why!? WHY. DO. YOU. PERSIST!?”… All to which Neo simply answers…


Life is not about right or wrong, good or bad. It’s about CHOICE. Like how Neo simply chose to rise yet again, it’s about putting your foot down and DECIDING. Deciding to take a stand. To take a stand for YOURSELF and your DESTINY.

Will you create your life? Or will you have your life created for you?

Listening to the instinctual imperative inside of you to be a force. To be THE Force. The Force of inspiration, creativity, connectivity, and power. The Force is not with you…

It is you!

Are you ready? Are you ready to stand in the light of your potential? Are you ready to face off with the Smiths (aka. demons) inside of you and burst into who you were meant to be?

Are you ready to CHOOSE?

To choose to be the hero you’ve been waiting for?

The time is now