The challenges of our times are truly unprecedented. The ways in which this is true are countless as we’re all unmistakably aware at this point. And those consistently navigating the psycho-emotional and physical stress of these times with actual grace and ease are the true heroes and role models.

There is a growing uncertainty, an unsettling knowing that things are never going to be the same again. A great transformation of our world is underway, the likes of which our race has never seen. This inner restlessness has grown significantly in the hive mind of our species. Collectively we are like a cocooning caterpillar whose chrysalis shell is ready to burst. The ethereal pressure is tangible and many of us know we cannot go back. We must face our fears, let go of our grasping for control, and embrace our co-creative power to generate and trust our way into the reality we wish to experience.

It is not the time to be at the whim or choices of the few. It is the time to join with the choices of the many whom align with the desire to truly know our collective human potential. We must choose what we want as a species, tap into Who We Truly Are, and become the beacons we all know we came to this earth at this time to become. If you resonate with these words, keep reading.

It is no accident you are alive now. Think of all that you know of human history and compare that to now. You chose to be here. Despite what despair you may have felt and what your circumstances may be, you are ALIVE… now… for a reason.

Yet, so much is at play to challenge you. Not only are these incredibly uncertain times a massive challenge, but many psychological blocks and self-destructive behaviours seem to stand in the way of attaining resilient health, fulfilling relationships, and the kind of financial wealth you long for as well. Things have reached such heights of difficulty for so many of us that discovering our potential as sovereign beings can feel like a pipe dream at best. The mental health challenges, the social and existential pain, the grieving of lost loved ones to death or to differing points of view, and the very physical obstacles that have presented themselves… it all can feel like too much too often. We hear you. We’ve felt it too. And that’s why we created WLA.

Join us on an educational experience that will empower you to be who you know you can be, and to help others do the same

What you stand to gain in Whole Life Alignment is this:

  • Tools for discovering and healing the traumas at cause for the triggers, addictions, and self-sabotage that get in your way
  • Tools for self-diagnosing and self-healing your body
  • Processes for transmuting emotional pain as it arises while also rectifying the root cause
  • Higher consciousness practices and meditation techniques that connect you efficiently and effectively to Source / Higher Self / God for far more energy, emotional resilience, and psychological stamina
  • Knowledge and tools for increasing your somatic and intuitive knowing (ie. your physical and superconscious connection to All-Knowledge) for deep clarity, insight, and most optimal direction to take
  • Methods for increasing your level of present moment awareness, centeredness, and peace and how to more effectively stay there
  • Ways to put constructive, productive, positive lifestyle changes, habits, and routines on subconscious autopilot instead of it being such an uphill battle
  • A significant increase in your self-confidence and self-esteem and ability to move forward with your life and the changes you aim to make
  • Effective ways to navigate relationships in the realms of communication, healing, rebuilding trust, deepening intimacy and so on
  • A significant upgrade to the depth of your connection to your body and mind
  • A much deeper understanding and all the powerful benefits of knowing your true complexity, of the human reality, of existence, how everything connects, and thus how it all works
  • Tangible shifts in navigating life with increased ease, vitality, grace, love & compassion
  • Accelerated alignment and progress with the fulfillment of your most meaningful goals
  • An unshakable knowing and remembering of who & what you truly are

If you are still reading these words then you undoubtedly feel the call to a higher, far more empowered way of walking into the profound future we all have ahead of us. The call to burst out of the cocoon of all that’s held you back and step into the capital ‘Y’ You that you chose to come back here to live into during this historic planetary shift.

The time is now. Time to stand together, shining from inner battles won, hand-in-hand, to co-create The New Earth along with her.

Join KaiLani and I on a 3 month journey as we pass down all the sacred knowledge we’ve come to know during both our lifetimes as people of the medicine. Gain powerful insights, learn how to heal trauma quickly and effectively, and gain the tools that unlock the superpowers of the sub- and super-conscious minds.
We endeavour to show you just how powerful you truly are when you have the right knowledge and ageless wisdom-tools in your command.

Learn what academia was designed not to teach you about true health, generating powerful relationships, how to hone the power of your mind, how to make the game of society work for you; how to attract and manage wealth; and how the hell to live fulfilled in a world so full of suffering.

We endeavour to show you just how powerful you truly are.

Some call this time we’re in, The Great Awakening. As our worldviews shutter and shift, it does feel like our eyes are opening for the first time to something new. However, perhaps this time could also be called…

The Great Remembering

Remember the ancient wisdom that science only continues to prove true. The wisdom that has only been given new names by modern languages, like quantum physics, epigenetics, and subconscious reprogramming. Download into your cells the ageless skillsets and abilities made by us humans, for us humans, long ago. 

If you feel this… if you resonate with these words, Whole Life Alignment (WLA) may be for you. If you simply know you’re ready for far more… for your next leap in evolution, WLA may be for you. And if your reality is starting to suck and you’re ready to truly break free, WLA may be for you too.

This is about becoming all that we can be for ourselves and each other, to co-create an amazing future for all. Join us for this 3 month journey into the essentials for making that happen…

Making it happen where it all begins… within  YOU!!

WLA  Packages  &  Details

What’s  Included:

  • 9 group classes – 2 hours each
  • 9 group healing and practice sessions – 1 hour each
  • Program duration:  9 weeks
  • Whole Life Alignment manual
  • WLA Part-1 Certificate of participation

The  Dates:

  • Start date:  Wed. Oct. 13, 2021
  • End date:  Sun. Dec. 12, 2021
  • Every Wednesday & Sunday for 9 weeks

The  Times:

  • Wednesdays:  7-9pm MDT / 6-8pm PDT
  • Sundays:  11am-12pm MDT / 10-11am PDT

One-Time   Payment

Instalment  Payments

And for those needing a hand financially, we have a few partial-scholarships left. Apply below

Scholarship – One  Time  Payment