Light’s Triumph


There is more to the holidays than we know

Well, it’s that mixed time of year. The one you either dread, eagerly anticipate, or some strange combination of the two. If you’re more of the former, leaning on the black-sheep-holiday-grinch side of things like myself, perhaps the following will help, as my research for it helped me. 

Yes, it’s… dare I say *cue my best David Bowie impression* … ”the holiday f***ing season” in all its drama-prone glory. And so the psychological preparation begins… or that escape plan to Mexico is taking shape. Either way, here comes “the holidays”.

There is definitely an annual and tangible gravity that pulls at the human heart as December rounds the corner, no matter what you believe. Its power is inescapable and carries with it whispers of important stories of old. But what is it exactly? What’s this time of year really about? Is there a unifying theme here that permeates the human soul, regardless of culture or creed or faith in a deity-like saviour?

When I add up the Christian story of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for the entire species’ sake, or the Jew’s triumphant reclamation of Jerusalem, or the symbolism of the destruction of evil pervasive in India’s Diwali, or the “Pagan” celebration of Light’s victory over darkness… it would seem there is indeed a unifying theme. It’s clear as day really. Triumph over evil is the name of the holiday game.

The holidays mark the end of strife and the beginning of reprieve – the end of shadow’s reign and the return of the Light.

Triumph over evil. It’s not only the annual December theme, but the matter of world concern at hand. It’s that thing most of us are desperately waiting for as headline after fear-inducing headline competes for our attention while this third year of madness comes to a close. We hear the news, we side-step the potential feelings of overwhelm and hopelessness, and we move on with our day as best we can. And fair enough. There are only so many daily burdens we can carry on our shoulders.

Gently gently, however, I invite you… if you’re willing, just for a moment, to take back that step to the side and look at the “bad” situation for a moment. Trust me, I’m leading somewhere “good”. Not just hopeful, but possibility-driven and concrete. Something you and I can easily do to help turn this ship around.

Let’s first go back to the theme of this time of year (triumph over evil) to consider this: Victory over all things anti-life requires one very important state of being – the state of pure and true love (see my previous article for more on that). However, in order to perform its magic, true love’s supremacy requires one other ingredient… all hands on deck. It requires the opposite of evil’s ultimate weapon (division). The Great Victory demands Unity… of us all.

And so our ancestors unified. They gathered within and without, joined minds and inspired the hearts of countless… and won the great victory.

Having actually lived through events of Light’s triumph, they gathered. Our ancestors came together not only in the fight, but in celebration of the victory that followed. Thus the tradition carries on and to this day, like automatons we gather as we respond to the pull of the deep cellular memory that stirs the “holiday spirit”.

A collective recollection of sorts takes place year after year. Our ancient past calling for acknowledgement of the hardships we overcame as a race time and time again. We feast in celebration of the inevitable victory of the Light, and we love one another back to wholeness. At least… that’s the idea.

That’s all great, but let’s be straight, we’re not there… yet. Both in the micro time-scale sense that it’s not even December yet, but in the macro time-scale sense of our ability to love. I’m sure you would agree, victory over evil in the macro sense of it actually happening in the modern day, worldwide, is feeling bleak. And rightly so, because to put it bluntly… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we suck at what’s required. We suck at this thing called unity.

Instead, we wait for a political or religious hero to rise up and save us all. We hear the devastating news on our favourite youtube channel, we read yet another dissociation-inducing article, or get wind of the next rumour of what’s to come and lament there is nothing we can do. “It’s beyond me,” we say to ourselves. “I need to worry about my own life,” we say. And so we feel the pain of the news and rumours, exercise sanity-preserving compartmentalization, and move on with our day.

Again, fair enough. You’ll get no guilt-trip from me. I compartmentalize too. I feel the hopelessness at times also. And I can sometimes wonder what else I can do. But, I have one weapon against evil on my side that you may not and that’s what I wish to impart to you here.

See, the reason Christ lives on in the psyche of man today; the reason Diwali still permeates one of the most populated areas of the world; and the reason Eid-Al-Fitr occurs after a month of fasting and purification near the end of December every year is because over and over we humans have lived our power through strife and reaped the benefits of that sacrifice, to witness love reign supreme. We use our powerful heart-fueled minds, often combined, to make the seemingly impossible come to be.

To put it simply my friend, we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams. A certain individual died on a cross to prove it so. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do”. Yes, we all love such feel-good fluffy words persuading our belief in what powers we may indeed possess, but unless you really believe this to the point of experiencing your power, such words will forever remain sweet things to hear and nothing more. So, let me spell it out for you:

You are ONE with everything. There is no separating you from your chair, from the air, from the birds outside your window, and from the guy that has written the article you’re reading now. We are one. Start there.

Next point: Any modern day hybrid philosopher/scientist sees that here in the West we like to claim our latest “discoveries” – discoveries about medicine, psychology, and quantum physics to name a few. Yet funnily enough, these supposed discoveries sound very familiar. Where have I heard the description of this “discovery” before…? Oh!… right! The Buddhists, Taoists, ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Sumerians, and yes, even certain mystic sects of the Christians. They all said the same thing that quantum physics recently “proved”: That when it comes to beings like us exerting our “law of attraction” will-power upon reality, the effect is real… even measurable. The observer affects the observed. Your mind can bend reality.

Hypnotherapists like myself witness this human mind’s belief power all the time. And when multiple minds combine their belief power, wild things happen. In today’s lexicon, what I’m alluding to is known as the Maharishi Effect. You can read about it here. Nearly 50 studies have been done on the subject and have appeared in prestigious publications such as the Journal of Crime and Justice and the New York Times. The belief or imagination-power of our minds, especially when combined en masse, has what can be described as miraculous effects. Secret school temples of mystical monks once hidden in the Himalayas for example, are said to have had the purpose of transmitting their mental influence on the world to steward peace within the collective human psyche.

All ancient cultures and religions agree… all that exists began with thought. And from thought manifested the sound (eg. the “word”), and from sound came light, and from light came matter, and all that exists (and once was) came to be.

So, do you want to live in a different world? One in which we have all finally grown up and learned to share, collaborate, compromise, decentralize power, and thrive together as a species? Then you must use the superpower that is your mind… that is your belief generating, reality birthing engine of creation. Your imagining mind is the key. Fuelled by passion, the imaginative nature and power of human consciousness is the source for change. It all starts and ends there.

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Imagine the future you long for and do this regularly, multiple times per day. Visualize it so intensely that you can feel, see, touch, and taste it.

Gather. Find friends and allies. Join or start groups (including mine, described in the post script below). Meditate and pray together… weekly if you can. And do not placate when you “pray”, nor look for pity from on high. Instead, as if selecting from a menu of benevolent choices, simply choose. Claim the reality of triumph over the evil of this world. Combine minds, infuse your visualizations with fervent emotion, see clearly what is possible, experience it within as if it is without, and close the deal with four simple words, prayer after prayer, proclamation after proclamation:

“And so it Is”

Much love and lasting balance to you friend. Enjoy your holidays and may the Force be with you 🤍


If you want to learn more about highly effective manifestation and meditation practices like what was briefly described above, I’m launching a co-ed Mentorship Circle in early 2023. It’s called Ascension Allies. Led by myself, Ascension Allies will be a private and intimate online group (12 members only) in which I will offer weekly teachings, trainings, and Guidance to speed your healing and soul-evolution. Mentorship circles like these are ongoing and designed to:

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You don't have to do this alone


  1. Jaclynn

    I really enjoyed reading this, thank you <3

    • Seamus Osiris

      Thank you for saying so Jaclynn. My pleasure 🤍

  2. Karen

    It was inspiring to read this Seamus. I know you have an incredible gift. Let me contemplate your offer once you send further details .
    Karen Hutchinson

    • Seamus Osiris

      Thanks Karen. The group will be announced soon. Just smoothing out some of the last technical details. Keep an eye on your inbox 👌🏼


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