Guidance is a family of THREE serviceS. EACH service HAS a common purpose: To provide an integrated model of mentorship, coaching, healing, training, and deeply human support TO GET YOU PAST WHAT IS STOPPING YOU FROM TRULY LIVING YOUR LIFE.

If you are having a hard time with your reality on multiple levels, Guidance is for you. If you need help with finding your purpose, dealing with various health problems, or getting your life in order, Guidance is for you. Do you want to find a partner, sort out your financial game, resolve motivation and discipline issues, move past bad habits and addictions, and move forward with big aspirations? Guidance can help. And if you need to resolve difficult mental-emotional concerns… if you want to heal past trauma and move on with your life, Guidance is made for you.

Many that work with me have also become very aware of the darkness of this world (eg. the corruption of the globalized systems of government, education, finance, “medicine”, etc.), and want to know how to live an inspirational and meaningful life amidst it all. If this is you, then I get you and would love to help you out.

To work with me as your Guide, it is assumed you are a person with an open mind and open eyes; a person who recognizes the huge benefit that having a Morpheus in their life would have – a spiritual advisor and real world mentor with experience in directing the way forward. Working with me, I will pass down to you a fully integrated understanding of reality that enables you to live powerfully in this world and move on from all that stands in your way. If you’re ready for change, then let’s make it happen.

See my trio of Guidance services below



Guidance for the waking is for everyone of every orientation, gender, etc. who seeks a significant shift in their ability to thrive in this world; for The truth seekers wishing to go beyond awareness and into living their realized potential amidst the struggles of the modern day.

“The waking” typically are those that begin to see through the institutions of control, the deceit of mainstream media, and the human disconnect from nature. They tend to be more in touch with the mysteries of life which draw them toward a more spiritual outlook. And as they wake, they become less and less compatible with a modern world that prioritizes looking good, getting rich, and following the herd toward totalitarian control.

Welcome to the real world Neo. You are awake and it is time to retrain yourself to live in the REAL world. Are you ready to download the knowledge, skills, and abilities that this society will not provide? Let’s get you where you’re going. I’m ready when you are.


Guidance for the gifted is for those waking up and dealing with the added challenge of higher senses and abilities they have difficulty controlling or understanding.

If you could not only use all the help described in Guidance For The Waking, but could also use assistance with more esoteric matters, I am happy to help. Sensitivities and higher abilities have been a life-long experience for me and I have worked with countless sensitives to make peace with their gifts.

Get your life together while simultaneously learning how to understand what it is you sense, control it, and use your gifts for the betterment of humanity. You were given what you have for a reason. Life happens FOR you, not TO you… and the world needs you now more than ever. Are you ready to step into your power? Allow me to introduce you to your highest and truest self.


Mentorship for men is the same as guidance for the waking with an additional focus on male-centric issues such as:

Finances, business & entrepreneurialism; understanding, dating, and connecting sexually with women; male health problems; making deep and powerful friendships with other men, and so on. (For my non-hetero brothers, please consider Guidance For The Waking instead. I can only teach from my experience as a heterosexual male).

If you’ve been without solid male role models, a lack of brothers who truly have your back, and male mentorship you believe in, let’s talk. Together we will dive into your purpose, career, male specific health issues, heterosexual specific intimacy issues, and the impacts of an undeveloped relationship with your inner polarity, the Yin and Yang as they manifest within every man.

There may be other skills you could use in your repertoire such as dietary hacks for a busy life; connecting to personal style and presentation; hygiene and grooming tips; magnetic social skills in both business and dating; and the ability to feel the depths of your emotions while remaining a powerful male force that women gravitate toward.

I am very familiar with the struggles of my fellow man and am here to help.