A weekly Mentorship Circle for

awakening men & women

Are you awakening from the illusion?

Like the human slaves depicted in The Matrix, are you in a process of realization? Are you seeing that what you were taught to believe is not true about the world? Have the last few years been a rude awakening for you?

And is your need for connection… to find more of “your people” becoming more and more apparent?

If yes to the above, Ascension Allies may be for you.


It’s time…

Whether it’s coming to grips with the corruption throughout media, medicine, politics, etc. or the mental health challenges inherent in the great spiritual awakening underway, you are undoubtedly overwhelmed, emotionally spent, and in need of support of a higher standard.

So much of the future is uncertain and finding some semblance of security can seem impossible right now. The need for powerful, uplifting community is more imperative than ever. Soul-satiating connection with fellow awakening souls is critical to the strength we need going forward.



Ascension Allies


Ascension Allies Mentorship Circle (AA-MC) is an intimate, weekly, online mentorship circle for awakening souls

AA-MC is designed to provide deep meaningful connection, hidden transformative metaphysical knowledge, and powerful life-changing experiences?

Join AA-MC and receive…

  • Like-minded soul-satiating connection with fellow change-makers, healers, artists, and creators
  • Advanced spiritual education and Guidance in the areas of life you need the most help with
  • Subconscious repatterning tools for healing the traumas and psychological blocks that hold you back
  • Knowledge about the true origins of humanity and the role that you play in our story today
  • A Dedicated Support Ally (DSA) to hold you accountable and emotionally support you outside of our weekly circles
  • Ancient and modern wisdom for experiencing higher consciousness and higher level relationships


I will Guide you

My name is Séamus, a fellow soul living the Great Awakening along side you. As my teachers did for me, I serve as an ascension Guide and catalyst for those who are awakening. I Guide my kin to the answers they’re looking for, align them with the path they came here to live, and pass down the tools to get there.

Many of us came to this planet in this life-time to aid in the coming of the New Earth. If you are reading this then you are likely one of them. Being a contributing member of the Great Awakening / Remembering / Revealing underway comes with very difficult lessons; lessons you signed up for and lessons not meant to be learned alone. This is where Ascension Allies Mentorship Circle (AA-MC) comes in.

If you desire a deeply fulfilling support group experience with authentic, no-bullshit facilitation and mentorship then you will love AA-MC. I bring 10+ years experience leading circles & workshops and 20+ years on the healer’s path (as a therapist, seer, and educator) to curate life-changing group experiences.




  • Chronic mental health challenges (depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc.)
  • Trauma, self-sabotage, & other negative subconscious belief patterns
  • Conscious relationship difficulties (broken trust, lack of higher level communication & conflict resolution skills)
  • 3d life problems (physical & mental health challenges, financial problems, career or entrepreneurial dilemmas; lack of personal organization, productivity and time management skills; abundance blocks, patterns of poor decision making, etc.)
  • Existential 5d confusion (is this an artifical reality? Am I a soul or something else? What is the Earth really? What is the point or meaning of this experience?)


Ascension Allies is an intimate mentorship and support group for the awake and aware. Awake to the anti-human agenda underway; aware there is a collective spiritual significance to it all; and struggling to find the answers to unlock these mysteries and live powerfully. If you’re ready to thrive (instead of survive) with your tribe, register below.


Private, intimate online video-calls via Zoom
2.5 hours every Tuesday @ 6:00pm PST



  • Powerful soul-satiating circle experiences with fellow awakening souls seeking like-minded community and exponential personal growth
  • Effective subconscious repatterning tools and ancient altered state practices for healing trauma, overcoming psychological blocks, and embodying higher states of consciousness
  • A Dedicated Support Ally (DSA) to hold you accountable to your practices and goals, and emotionally support you on a daily basis
  • Help with entrepreneurial projects, self-sustainability strategies, and how to best prepare for the coming realities of our times
  • Knowledge about the true origins of humanity, what is really going on behind the scenes, and the role that you play (ie. your capitol ‘P’ Purpose)
  • Education on previously suppressed and advanced healing technologies, therapies, and other powerful healing tools now publicly available
  • Ancient tools for self-healing, higher level relationships, reality-shifting communication, and how to more effectively manifest your desired life
  • And again… community! As in connection with other awakening men and women seeking strength in community and belonging

Investment:  $125.00 USD /month



Ascension Allies is for truth seekers

AA-MC is for those willing to be honest with themselves and step into personal responsibility. It’s about embodying love in both its forms: feminine & masculine (soft & tough). It’s about getting your needs met regarding the knowledge and emotional support necessary to live powerful meaningful lives amidst the darkness of our times.

The mentorship aspect of our weekly circles covers a wide range of topics: Everything from practical solutions to life’s 3d challenges (finances, home, relationships, physical & mental health problems, entrepreneurial pursuits, etc.), to advanced spiritual development training and everything in-between.

“Séamus is a master. His gift of listening, seeing, and intuitive knowing fast tracks right to the heart of the matter. His leadership is transformative. He truly lives his calling and is always able to release the core cause of any issue I bring to the table, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. He changed my life and I recommend him to everyone that needs help. He is a gift to this world. Thank you for being here Séamus!”

~ Cathy Campbell

YouTube video

“I can’t believe the transformation…”

“The gift that Séamus offers is really being able to understand the ties between the body, mind, and spirit”

“It’s almost like a shamanic technique […] where he’s holding both parts of me, the part that feels broken and the part that needs to be uplifted and reminded of my magnificence”

“I have to say how grateful I am for […] that compassionate safe space where I feel truly seen in all of the stuff that I’d rather hide from”

~ Holly Bender

“Séamus has special powers. His experiences with life’s challenges in our tiny part of the universe is not what gives him this power though. I can’t be certain how he accumulated all of his wisdom and insight but it’s as if he’s distilled it all from his unusual experiences. Having been outside the limited worldview most of us traverse he now comes to us with something special. Séamus connects with people in ways that are hard to describe.

He’s got a skeleton key for unlocking people from being trapped inside their box. He has what people need: Holistic coaching that cuts through bullshit and heals and guides and empowers”

~ Matt M.

YouTube video

“He’s a healer, he’s a coach, he’s a counsellor… he really brings it all. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much love, acceptance, and compassion from a coach or a healer ever in my life. If you’re thinking about working with Seamus, I would definitely recommend it as he’s really a master at what he does […]. Say yes to your transformation”

~ Jared Dunlop, Hypnotherapist

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“Through his regular daily contact, helping me set goals, and encouraging and celebrating me, he brought me back […] and was available every time I had a trigger or when I was getting off course.”

“I really see Séamus playing a similar role to my doctor except he uses a holistic approach to human well-being and personally as a practitioner I strive to work a lot like him.”

~ Harneet Gill, MD

“Warning! After working with Seamus you may experience serious side effects. These may include extreme happiness, contentment, feelings of bliss and game-changing confidence. From the start he was genuinely interested in my overall wellness, intuitively using a variety of modalities that helped me completely change the way I think and feel in ways I didn’t know possible. This then helped me overcome significant obstacles I’d been having, resulting in a powerful shift in my life. I’ve since finally become genuinely positive, confident, and succesful. There is nothing to think about. Seamus is your guy. You’ll never look back.”

~ Allison Ruddy

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“Thank you for creating a safe space for me to dive into my subconscious patterning and to allow childhood emotions to come up. Your presence is very grounding and the work you’ve done to gain these tools and practices is very clear in the way that you held space for me and I hope that others will choose to work with you so they can feel the safe and healing presence that you bring to the world.”

~ Derek Lovell, Life Coach

Still on the fence?

See the FAQs below. Otherwise schedule a quick chat with me, Séamus, to see if Ascension Allies is for you





Is Ascension Allies a program or ...?

Ascenscion Allies is on ongoing support group / mentorship circle, structured much like a men’s or women’s circle, except it’s co-ed (both women and men welcome). Unlike traditional circles, Ascension Allies adds in the element of a class-like atmosphere in which new life skills, ancient knowledge, higher consciousness practices, and so on are passed down.

What is a Mentorship Circle?

Mentorship Circle is a term I use for a support group that includes a very strong focus on being mentored (by me) and learning how to mentor yourself. Mentorship Circles are much like men’s and women’s circles in that you receive emotional support and meaningful connection with other members, with the added element of a class-like atmosphere for receiving higher knowledge and wisdom.

How long does Ascension Allies go for?

Ascension Allies Mentorship Circle (AA-MC) is ongoing. There is no end-date at this time. Instead AA-MC is meant to be a much more satisfying version of an ongoing generic support groups. In this way you are encouraged to lean on AA-MC for as long as you need the help.